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Music Festival - Dubrovnik in late summer
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Music Festival - Dubrovnik in late summer

  • 30.08.2019. - 24.09.2019.
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The International Late Summer Music Festival Dubrovnik is an annual festival launched by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra. Since its debut in 2013, it has found great acceptance among the audience. It takes place in late August until late September. The aim of the festival is to keep the presence of music and cultural vibrancy in Dubrovnik after the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

The program includes a number of events - symphony concerts, chamber concerts and recitals, all held in the beautiful setting of the Rector's Palace. Croatian artists, in cooperation with internationally renowned guest artists, play well-known works by international and Croatian composers.

For the seventh year, the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra is organising the International Late Summer Music Festival Dubrovnik, which brings internationally acclaimed artists to the town.This year festival takes place from 30rd August until 24th September and includes different events - symphony concerts, chamber music concerts as well as recitals that will take place in the Rector's Palace atrium. The Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra will host some of the most famous local and internationally acclaimed musicians.

Participants in 2019

Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra Marc Tardue, conductor (USA)

Christoph Campestrini, conductor (Austria)

Nicholas Milton,conductor (Australia)

Christoph Koenig, conductor (Germany)

Emmanuel Tjeknavorian, violin (Austria)

Aleksey Semenenko, violin (Ukraine)

Marija Bašić, violin

Ruta Bobić, violin 

Marija Lijović, violin

Ante Slišković, violin

Tomislav Špehar

violin Naira Asatryan

piano Petrit Çeku

guitar Jasminka Stančul

piano Symphony4Vienna string quartet

The Romeo and Juliet Choir (Sweden)

Valerija Nikolovska band

Visit Dubrovnik in the late summer, enjoy an Indian summer and a musical treat that will last until early fall.

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