Krk sails - traditional regatta of old boats
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Krk sails - traditional regatta of old boats

  • 13.08.2021. - 15.08.2021.
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The regatta of traditional sailboats of Krk sails has been organized in the town of Krk since 1998. and is one of the oldest of its kind on our coast. It is a regatta of traditional old boats whose aim is to preserve and present the rich maritime heritage of the island of Krk and beyond.

The regatta has eventually grown into a three-day event with a rich sports, entertainment and educational programme honouring the sea and maritime heritage of the island of Krk.

During the three days, you will be able to visit an attractive exhibition of photographs depicting sea motifs as well as to explore a rich culinary offer of fish-based dishes offered at Krk’s restaurants. The educational part of the event at the Krk Island Maritime Heritage Interpretation Centre located in the heart of the old town of Krk. The Centre comprises a museum exhibition on maritime transport, shipbuilding and fishing on Krk Island, as well as a separate ship-modelling workshop. The entertaining part of the event will include performances on the town’s waterfront. After the pause in 2020, an attractive night show with traditional sailing boats will take place featuring a music performance.

The highlight of the event is the 24th regatta of traditional sailing boats held on 15 August, the Fest of the Assumption, starting right at noon, after the twelfth bounce from the Krk bell tower.

 All lovers of marital heritage are invited to support this valued three-day event with their presence, thereby contributing to its preservation and revitalization!



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