Koprivnica celebrates 662nd birthday
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Koprivnica celebrates 662nd birthday

  • 01.11.2018. - 07.11.2018.
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Because of the efforts to improve the quality of life, Koprivnica has received platinum ISO certification, which has only seven cities in Europe. It is also among the five Croatian cities in which the city life is very good. The city with 30,000 inhabitants is growing steadily, and what is interesting that young family are continuous ariving. Quiet and pleasant city which investing in kindergartens and schools, has smart streets and smart trash cans, has smart waste recycling, "saving houses" with minimal utilities, free city electric transport, free electric and manual city bikes, city without the city tax, cheapest water in Croatia, are just some of the advantages of this city.

On the first day of November Koprivnica celebrates its 662th birthday. City Council of the City of Koprivnica at the 3rd city council session held on 29 July 1993 adopted the Decision on the Promulgation of November 4 as a Day of Koprivnica. On .that date, in 1356, King Ludovik I. Anžuvinac declared the Koprivnica as a free royal town.

As always, Koprivnica will celebrate this 662nd birthday with numerous events, concerts, workshops and exhibitions. Central celebration events are planed for this weekend. On Saturday morning during various programs at the Zrinski Square, the mayor of Koprivnica will treat the citizens in cafes there with coffee or tea.

And best is yet to come, on Sathurday there will be Tony Cetinski's concert.

Spend a celebration weekend in Koprivnica with lots of good celebratory atmosphere!

You can find the program per day here:



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