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Karlovac race for Karlovac birthday
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Karlovac race for Karlovac birthday

  • 06.06.2019. - 07.06.2019.
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Karlovac is a road race of 10 km overall. The race consists of 3 rounds of 3285m.

At the start of the race, in the historic Karlovac part of town more than 1,500 runners are expected, in the 10km race and in the relay race.

An hour before, the elite runners will be at the start, the strongest lining ever, which means that we will really watch the fastest Karlovac runners, it means the fastest 10 in Croatia!

Karlovac's mile is a new race in honor of 440th birthday of the City of Karlovac. Karlovac's mile is a unique 1,579m long race (the foundation year of the City of Karlovac) ideal for family gathering and running with the family. The track of race is straight and one circle will be run. Start is on Thursday at 5.30pm on June 6 at Ban Jelačić Square in Karlovac. All participants will receive a special T-shirt due to a 440th Birthday of the City of Karlovac.

Of course, after the race, all runners will enjoy drinking beer, meal, rock concert and lot’s of fun in the city on 4 rivers.

Visit Karlovac and be part of a great sports celebration!

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