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Hohoho Run in Rijeka
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Hohoho Run in Rijeka

  • 17.12.2023. - 17.12.2023.
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Tomorrow at Molo longo in Rijeka from 10 a.m. the 8th edition of the HoHoHo Run humanitarian Christmas race will be held, as well as a special holiday program intended for all age groups of citizens.
You can choose between two races - the competitive HoHoFive Run (5 km) and the exhibition HoHoFun (2.5 km). At 11 a.m., the 2.5 km HoHoFun starts, in which all citizens can participate; from the youngest to the oldest, walking or running, as well as their four-legged pets. The start of the 5 km HoHoFiveRun competitive race is at 12 noon. The start-finish arc of both races will be in front of the Passenger Terminal building.
As part of this humanitarian and sports event, a mini fair will be held with the appropriate sale of Christmas decorations and an extremely rich raffle in which all citizens can participate with a symbolic donation. Of course, Christmas props are welcome.
A great atmosphere, numerous surprises, a rich raffle, excellent refreshments is what awaits you tomorrow at this Christmas, humanitarian race.

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