Grawe Zadar Night Run
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Grawe Zadar Night Run

  • 09.04.2022. - 09.04.2022.
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After two years, Zadar Night Run returns to the city of Zadar, a popular road, night race through the city streets in the heart of the city and the only night half marathon in Dalmatia. Zadar Night Run is a race of a unique 4 in 1 format because you can choose what suits you best: 1 lap around the city or 2.5km, 2 laps (5km), 4 laps (10km) or a half marathon (track to the west of the city).

The race starts on April 9 from More than 1000 runners from 22 countries will take part in the Grawe Zadar Night Run. The new promenade on Muraj will finally become a real track for runners, while half marathoners have the fastest and most beautiful road in Croatia. The flat path by the sea is ideal for personal records. The music scene and night lighting create an atmosphere that is rarely seen in races of this type. The message of Zadar Night Run is healthy living, recreation and staying outdoors.

Zadar Night Run is one of the most attractive road races in the region and recognized as a top event not to be missed.

Feel the positive energy that only Zadar Night Run has!

On our webcam of the bridge in Zadar, you will be able to see the part of the race that goes exactly that route.

 Karlo Vukic


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