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Granfondo Pag

  • 15.10.2022. - 15.10.2022.
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The 3rd international cycling marathon Granfondo Pag – Cycling on the Moon at 85 km and the recreational race Mini Granfondo at 35 km will take place on October 15 on the unreal, lunar landscape of the island of Pag.

What is a marathon for runners, an ironman for triathletes, it's a Granfondo for cyclists. The competitors in the leading group are struggling to win, the ones in the middle to have the best possible personal time and the ones on frontend to successfully completing a challenging race. Granfondo is more a fight with yourself and less a race with other cyclists. Successfully finish long trail is the biggest prize!

With its 85 km and 1000 m altitude difference, Granfondo Pag does not seem like a demanding trail at first, but it is definitely not true. Constantly changing the rhythm of the ride (from steep slopes to difficult climbs) brings the maximum endurance from you. Plains are almost nonexistent, requiring complete concentration while driving while the magical landscape of the Moon island fills you with extra adrenaline and leaves you breathless. Various cyclist profiles are expected along the trail, from light and fast cyclists, through MTB cyclists to triathletes. So the challenge is even bigger. And to make this trail as interesting as possible, in addition to the individual competition teams are organized. With the well-deserved winner cup, many surprises will be organized for the best ones, indigenous and delicious delicacies of the island of Pag.

Participate on the International Cycling Marathon Granfondo - Cycling on the Moon (85km), and Mini Granfondo (35km) and take a ride through the unreal, lunar landscape of the island of Pag.

Even if you did not register as one of the participants in this unique and first race, visit the island of Pag and enjoy the early autumn at Moon island!


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