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Fusion World Music Festival
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Fusion World Music Festival

  • 22.07.2022. - 23.07.2022.
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Fusion World Music Festival is a global event, and with the help of top production, which has only been seen at Ultra Music Festival so far, it will provide an unforgettable time to everyone who finds themselves in Split on July 22 and 23. Split then becomes the music hotspot of Europe.

The new world music event will gather in one place more than 20 of the most sought-after musical names from the country and region, which is the largest number of our stars who will perform on the common megastage. The first edition of the new Split Fusion World Music Festival will be long remembered.

The idea of the Fusion festival is to create a fusion of the most popular and sought-after performers. A musical story that plays quality and tradition, eternal classics and the latest hits, a combination of old and young. The premiere edition of the Fusion festival is a sign of various musicians who offer a unique experience and an unprecedented musical spectacle in this area, and already next year it will also host popular performers from the rest of the world.

During the two days of the festival at Split's Youth Park, visitors will have the opportunity to experience 15 concerts. Each of the performers will perform for a minimum of 45 minutes, and more than 50,000 people are expected at the festival, who will sing until the early hours of the morning.

Such festivals contribute to the branding of Dalmatia, a region generally known for its music. Culture, music and song are part of Dalmatian tradition and part of tourism.

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