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Fiumare - Kvarner Festival of the Sea and Maritime Traditions
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Fiumare - Kvarner Festival of the Sea and Maritime Traditions

  • 22.09.2021. - 29.09.2021.
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For a whole decade, Rijeka has been hosting an event called Fiumare - Kvarner Festival of the Sea and Maritime Traditions, this year held in the period from 22 to 29 September 2021 at various locations. Fiumare is a collage of different activities connected by maritime heritage.

Fiumare begins with the traditional exhibition of boats on Rijeka's Korzo, which have been renovated as part of the European project Arca Adriatica. Professional and popular lectures entitled "MaRiTime" will be held in the Marble Hall of the Maritime and Historical Museum, and the University Library will host a lecture on Francis Xavier Orlando, founder of the first public nautical school in Rijeka, with an accompanying exhibition of his textbooks. In the fish market there will be an exhibition of photographs entitled "Treasures of the Kvarner submarine - mollusks", in the windows of the City Hall of Rijeka exhibition Fiumare - past and present for the future, and on Karolina Riječka Pier exhibition Fiumare - Kvarner Festival of Sea and Maritime Traditions. The inauguration of the Lošinj camp Nerezinac, renovated through the Mala barka 2 project, and the inauguration of traditional boats that were renovated / built through the Arca Adriatica project will be held at the Karolina Riječka Pier. As part of the interactive maritime skills workshops to be held at the Karolina Riječka Pier, interested participants will be able to tie knots, make ropes in the old-fashioned way as well as rope braids, caulks will show how to make oars and lantines, and fishermen how to bait longlines and teach about the terminology of various fishing tools, the sailboat will demonstrate the edging of the sail with grative, ship modellers will make models of ships.

Demonstration naval and sports rowing, a regatta of traditional boats equipped with traditional sails will be held in the waters of the city of Rijeka. After the ball of sails and lights, the historical event "Karolina Riječka saves Rijeka" and fireworks from the sea will be staged, and the coastal atmosphere will be complemented by music. The Eco-ethno fair of Kvarner's autochthonous products will be held in Verdijeva Street, next to the theater, and nearby restaurants will offer dishes based on Kvarner's indigenous ingredients.

The Fiumare Festival is also recognized internationally and is included in the program of the European Maritime Day 2021.

  Jakov Karmelić

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