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Fig days in Krk
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Fig days in Krk

  • 25.08.2023. - 03.09.2023.
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Do you know when you enjoy fig consumption you actually enjoy the flower?

More precisely, the fig tree is actually a flower, but it is eaten as a fruit. For millennia, figs are part of a typical healthy Mediterranean diet.

The figs have a very short breeding season and are extremely sensitive. Therefore, they are most enjoyable if eaten immediately after picking up, after a short time spent in the fridge. Although fresh figs are available only a few months a year, you can enjoy dry figs throughout the year. Unlike other fruits, figs cannot be picked unripe and left to ripen later because figs, once harvested, no longer ripen. Therefore, to eat fresh figs, you need to be in Mediterranean countries like Croatia during the fig season.

This year's gastronomic event "Fig days in Krk" will be held from 25th of August - 3rd of September and is a traditional event that has been held in the city of Krk since 2007. In addition to the sale of a variety fig products, gastronomic offer based on this Mediterranean fruit is prepared in Krk's restaurants. You can enjoy in many delicacies from sweet to salty - all with figs.

In addition to enriching the tourist offer and promoting figs as an agricultural branch, it seeks to encourage caterers, producers and traders to include this valuable fruit in their offer and thus contribute to the gastronomic identity of the town and the island of Krk. And everyone can plant their own figs because sharing of seedlings and individual counseling on growing figs will be held.





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