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Festival of Lights Zagreb
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Festival of Lights Zagreb

  • 20.03.2024. - 24.03.2024.
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World cities such as Lyon, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Helsinki and St. Petersburg has combined light and sound into special art for a long time, and in 2017 Zagreb joined them. The first Zagreb Light Festival lasting 4 days was held in 7 locations and only one year later it expanded to 19 different locations.

It is held for the sixth time on streets, squares, parks and landmarks that become an artistic canvas for magical light installations through which artists will show us their visions in the period from March 20. to 24. You will have the opportunity to enjoy on 24 locations that will include the quieter Upper Town, but also some of the brand new locations of the more lively Lower Town.

The light will illuminate numerous buildings throughout the Upper and Lower Towns, transforming the old town in a modern and unusual way. Modern technology and fine arts will merge with the performances of musicians, performers and dancers into one unique event for all generations.

Dolac Market, Mazurani square, Zrinjevac Park, Strossmayer Square, Lotrscak Tower, Opatovina Park, Tuškanac Garage Plateau, Stara Vlaška, Jelačić Square, Zagreb Dance Center, Forest Park Tuškanac Golubovac, Gajeva, European Square, HNK are just some of the locations with attractive audiovisual installations and projections. In addition to local artists, Zagreb's streets and parks and the facades of landmarks will shine in the lights of French, German and Austrian artists. The Šibenik Fortress of Culture will also participate in the Festival, which will present its multimedia artistic content at Tuškanac.

Everyone who is familiar with the Festival of Lights knows that, in addition to beautiful visual effects, it also offers interesting stories about historical heritage and symbolically talks about current topics of today.

Zagreb Festival of Lights is a kind of introduction to the beginning of Zagreb's tourist season and outdoor gatherings that we associate with the impatiently desired arrival of warm weather and colors that return together with spring.

Title  photo: Festival of Lights Zagreb

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