Fair of winter food and local products
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Fair of winter food and local products

  • 04.10.2019. - 06.10.2019.
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Winter food in Croatia has a long tradition and recipes for caning are preserved and passed from generation to generation. While on the shore and on the islands the winter canning are mostly canning of hemp and olives and the making of marmalade and juice, on the continent the housewives are proud of the canning of cycle, paprika, mixed salad, fruit compotes and, of course, chutney.

However, an accelerated way of life and a lack of time could overwhelm the tradition of preparing the winter canning in oblivion. The jubilee 5th fair which will take place at Ban J. Jelačić Square in Zagreb, from 4th to 6th of October, will try to revive and preserve winter food, Croatian traditional products and help local producers to promote their products and connect with consumers. If you have any indigenous local products, present them in Zagreb.This is an excellent opportunity to socialize and exchange experiences from people from different parts of Croatia and beyond, and visitors to this fair will be able to taste and buy local high quality indigenous products and be informed about the way the products are prepared by the producers themselves.

More than 100 local producers will be present at the fair, and you will have the chance to buy winter canning products and also Croatian autochthonous products that are protected by a designation of origin and a geographical indication.

With a varied selection of the best of the best from Croatian fields and plantations, be sure you will easily fill your baskets!

Because homemade is the most precious!

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