Days of food and traditional products of the Zagreb County and the City of Zagreb
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Days of food and traditional products of the Zagreb County and the City of Zagreb

  • 24.10.2020. - 25.10.2020.
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The main square in Zagreb for two days turns into a market as it once looked – stands full of domestic products and items; from fruits, vegetables, cakes, homemade honey, gingerbread, blackberry win, aronia and homemade jams to traditional decorative products. The event is traditionally held on the occasion of World Food Day (October 16) and World Rural Women's Day (October 15).

The main objective of this event is to connect local manufacturers and consumers and attract visitors every year. This is an opportunity for agricultural producers and producers of food products to promote and sell their products. These are exceptional products, unquestionable qualities that customers know to recognize.

Manufacturers of food and traditional products will sell their cheeses, meet delicatessen, honey, wine, fruits, vegetables, cakes and other homemade products at favorable prices. Beside that, there will be presented traditional Croatian toys, which were included in UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity as a protected product of cultural heritage in 2009.

Regarding the epidemiological situation, the main motto is #stayresponsible!

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