Davis cup in Zadar
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Davis cup in Zadar

  • 13.09.2018. - 16.09.2018.
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Zadar - the first regional tennis center in Croatia

For the 3rd time, Zadar is the host of Davis Cup, but for the first time in the open, ground tennis court in the new look.

Millions of viewers around the world will watch the transfer of Davis Cup from Zadar and due to that Zadar will get another glorious promotion!

At the sports center Višnjik from September 14th to 16th, Croatia and the US will be playing Semifinal. The main field and stands are ready to host the best players of these two tennis states. The total capacity of the audience, counting the president's lodge, VIP forum and journalistic positions, will be around 8200 seats.

Zadar will be remembered as a city where one of the last matches of the Davis Cup competition will be played in the format as it is so far, as the International Tennis Conference has introduced changes and the competition is eliminated so the Davis Cup goes to the wheelhouse of the past.

You can follow the Semifinals Davis Cup in Zadar from 13.09 - 16.09.2018 between Croatia and USA.

The opening of the tournament is on Friday 14.10 at 10.30am and the semifinals start at 11am.

Here you can see the schedule by days:

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