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Dance and non-verbal theatre festival San Vincenti
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Dance and non-verbal theatre festival San Vincenti

  • 22.07.2022. - 24.07.2022.
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Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti is a unique cultural event, organized by Zagreb Dance Company, which has with its long tradition proved itself as the favorite gathering spot of dance experts and dance lovers who follow the festival’s international program composed of contemporary dance productions, physical theater, mime, circus performances, street art and educational seminars and workshops. Founded in the year of 2000., the Festival has so far presented more than 150 dance and theatre companies from Croatia and abroad, with more than 190 productions; it has established good cooperation with the local community; it has encouraged the opening of Svetvinčenat Tourist Board and the opening of the Art Center, in which it implements the programation of the Mediterranean Dance Centre; it has an excellent attendance rate and it has become an unavoidable part of the cultural offer in the region and in Croatia in general.

In the abundance of cultural events being offered in Istria during summer months, Dance and non-verbal theatre festival San Vincenti has secured an important position; it has made the dance scene more topical and helped its decentralization and it has become an excellent brand and synonym for dance.

23rd edition of Dance and non-verbal theatre festival San Vincenti will be held from the 22nd to 24th July. During the three festival days, this unique cultural event will turn this charming Istrian town into a temporary intersection of dance expression and movement, a place where artists and audiences connect through dance art. The 23rd Svetvinčenat Festival of Dance and Non-Verbal Theater brings guests of renowned local and international dance artists to authentic locations until July 24. This unique cultural manifestation has been a favorite meeting place of dance experts and lovers of dance art for more than two decades.

The festival will be officially opened on Friday, July 22 by Fubunation, the London-based dance company of Rhys Dennis and Waddah Sinad, with the show "Ruins", which combines forms of contact improvisation with influences from hip hop and African dance styles. With a carefully selected domestic and international program, the festival is exceptionally well-attended and an essential part of the summer cultural offer, and picturesque Svetvinčenat is the host to which we are always happy to return.

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