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Cycling route by Vecernjak
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Cycling route by Vecernjak

  • 11.06.2022. - 11.06.2022.
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If we take a look to the past back, in June 1979, Večernjak invited readers to hike to nature on June 17 by bicycle. The starting point of the caravan was the Square of the French Republic (today Dr. Franjo Tuđman Square), and the destination was Vugrinščak, 25 kilometers away, near Samobor. 7,000 people responded, and each received an original souvenir, with ice cream, a music program and good fun. On the eve of the big event, Večernjak spent days trying to warn of the importance of bicycles and cyclists in everyday life and traffic with articles about the need for more frequent use and promotion of this "neglected means of health", but also about the construction of bicycle paths and roads in Zagreb. City officials at the time said that "the concentration of bicycles is not such as to require the introduction of special bicycle paths", but that "construction possibilities are also provided for in the proposal of the general traffic plan". "Cyclists conquered Samobor!" Was the headline of Večernjak back in 1979. After an excellent debut, everyone could hardly wait for the sequel that took place for the then Youth Day, May 25, 1980. The start was at Dinamo Stadium, the finish in Prepuštovac, and 8,000 people drove on ponies, special forces. The third bicycle caravan of Večernji list was held on the occasion of Youth Day on Sunday, May 24, 1981, the start was at the Zagreb Fair, and the goal was the sports and recreation center in Šmidhen, about 26 kilometers from Zagreb. About 15,000 cyclists rode, and Večernjak wrote about the record cycling in a report from the ride.

The 40th anniversary of Večernjak's bicycle race is just around the corner. This year, as in 1979, we will cycle from Zagreb to Samobor on a 21-kilometer route. On June 11, it will start from Dr. Franjo Tuđman in Zagreb, the goal is on Vugrinščak where a music program will be prepared, a rich program for children, a varied catering offer and an open swimming pool to enjoy a beautiful Saturday in Samobor until late in the evening.

 Cover: BK Vid Ročić

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