Croatian Ski Week
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Croatian Ski Week

  • 01.01.2022. - 09.01.2022.
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After the holidays, the first week of the new year, the great winter migration of Croatian skiers to European ski resorts traditionally begins and the Croatian Ski Week begins.

This was the case i the prepandemic period, when about 200,000 Croats could not ski in Austria, Italy and Slovenia, and then Covid arrived, so last year the ski resorts were mostly closed and skiers were forced to leave their skis in the garage. The skiing season has started, but due to the pandemic measures that countries introduce every day, instead of equipment, skiers are considering Covid certificates and tests. The skiers are already ready, but the carefree descent they have been waiting for two seasons can be ruined by the increasingly strict pandemic measures at the ski resorts.

Covid certificates and testing have not led to a mass abandonment of skiing but trends have changed little nonetheless. In addition to skis and boots, Covid certificates are mandatory ski equipment.

Traditionally, the best-selling destinations and first bookings are made in Italy and Austria. However, with the lifting of measures in Austria, the interest in Slovenia and Bosnia and Jahorina, which is on the top of wishlist this year, has increased. Jahorina is looking forward to its best guests - the Balkans. For the unvaccinated, BiH will be the best choice, because the measures there are the mildest. BiH has obviously profited in the current situation, but it has limited capacity and no more accommodation. However, they say that BiH will be the biggest winner of this ski season. In addition to daily concerts, they have 5 new cable cars and a new gondola.

To enter Italy, both the vaccinated and those who overcame Covid must have a negative antigen test, those who are not vaccinated at the ski resort are also admitted to a negative covid test, but they must do it every two days.

Austria definitely has the strictest measures and requires a PCR negative test and a booster dose. If you are not among them you will have to be in 10-day quarantine. Testing is also mandatory for children aged 12-16 who must be tested 3 times within 7 days.

In Italy and Austria, in the gondola, ski lift and chairlift, and in all catering facilities, you must wear an FFP2 mask, and in some Austrian provinces you cannot ski if you have not been vaccinated or overcame Covid because tests are not recognized. In these countries, it is also important to link the ski pass and the EU covid certificate with the "green pass" application.

Slovenia has a milder measures, where only Covid certificate or antigen negative test is required. The same is in France, which also has more liberal measures. It is easiest to enter Swiss ski resorts where only a mask is needed.

Through our webcams you can follow the weather conditions and decide on one of the destinations, but be prepared for a lot of planning and preparation for the long-awaited skiing.

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