Croatian Ski Week
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Croatian Ski Week

  • 04.01.2020. - 11.01.2020.
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After the holiday season, the first week in the new year has already traditionally been going on the "winter migration" of Croatian skiers to European ski resorts and the "Croatian ski week" begins. Crowd on borders, skis and skiboards on the roof of cars, Croats are mostly traveling to Italy, Austria and Slovenia. Winter school holidays should be used, though the prices in this ski week are the highest. It is estimated that more than 200,000 people will travel from Croatia to ski resorts this year. There are thousands of Croats on ski resorts in Europe.

The most popular destinations are Austria, followed by Italy, for shorter stays Slovenia, while France is often chosen by younger people looking for good fun at affordable prices.

Along with skiing, there is always great fun at the neighboring ski resorts, après ski parties, rich gastronomic offer.

And the synonym for the best skiing party is certainly the KnockOut Snow Festival, which this year has return to the France at Les Sybelles ski resort. 107 ski slopes on 310 km at altitude from 1.500 m - 2.620 m.

The first and only Croatian music and ski festival. It is also the largest group skiing event for 2000 young people from all over Croatia. A combination of concerts, skiing, fun and snowy joy is what awaits you on this unforgettable snow adventure.

And if you didn't make it to France, you still have time to plan the craziest ski season closing - KnockOut Snow Closing from 6th to 8th of March 2019 in Kranjska Gora!

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