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 Croatian Market Days
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Croatian Market Days

  • 20.09.2020. - 20.09.2020.
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For the ninth year in a row, the Association of Croatian Markets is organizing an event on Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb called Croatian Markets Days. The aim is to promote domestic products offered in markets throughout Croatia.

On September 20, 19 markets from cities throughout Croatia will be presented with more than 50 exhibitors (family farms) who will present their agricultural products, ie top local delicacies by which Croatia is recognizable.

The intention is for citizens to return to healthy food, and in that sense, markets can offer this through family farms. You will be able to enjoy a selection of original local products that represent the Croatian tradition in the true sense of the word. There will also be soparnik from the Poljica region, Varaždin cabbage, colorful Slavonian vegetables and fruits, homemade honey so that our health does not betray us, cheeses that convey the flavors of green pastures and Dalmatian and Istrian karst, irresistible cured meat delicacies from prosciutto to Slavonian and Podravina sausages , unavoidable domestic oils and much more that evokes all the regional specialties of Croatia.

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