Ces't is d'Best - International street festival
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Ces't is d'Best - International street festival

  • 31.05.2018. - 03.06.2018.
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It has been held since 1997 and this year celebrates 22nd edition. In the 5 days of the festival, 20 countries will present 700 hours of program with 500 participants. Zagreb Street Festival Cest is d'Best, this year again, will bring joy, fun and laughter to the streets. At this most spectacular festival in the city, with its fun and frivolous performances artists from all over the world will bring the circus atmosphere and impress Zagreb and tourists.

The festival will last from May 30 to June 3rd and will take place in a few locations in the city. Music, street theaters, performers, circus, dance, children's program, sports events are the main contents of the Cest is d'Best, which will change the image of the wider city center.

When you transform your city into a big stage, and all it's space into a canvas, by letting the artists and townpeople to act freely and awake its song and colors through creativity and art – you get CEST IS D' BEST.

So do not miss being a participant of this most spectacular Zagreb’s event, where you will have fun, and laugh to tears, because zest, joy and laughter are the main features of this festival event in Zagreb, and we can proudly say, at one of the best street festivals in Europe.

You can watch live stream of festval in a couple of Zagreb locations via our webcams.

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