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Cest is d'Best

  • 18.08.2022. - 21.08.2022.
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The most famous and oldest Croatian street festival, Cest is d'Best, became one of the most recognizable Zagreb events and today is considered one of the best street festivals in Europe. Cest is d'Best is an international street festival that brings hundreds of cheerful performers to Zagreb's squares and streets, who entertain the Zagreb and all those who find themselves in the capital of our beautiful Croatia.

It has been held since 1997, and this year is celebrating its 23rd edition. Cest is d'Best includes music, drama, art, sports and many other events. When you transform your city into a big stage, and all it's space into a canvas, by letting the artists and townpeople to act freely and awake its song and colors through creativity and art – you get Cest is d'Best which will start on 18th of August.

The 26th international street festival Cest is d Best takes place this year at five locations - Ban Jelačić Square, Flower Square and Bogovićeva Street, European Square, Zrinjevac Park and Stara Vlaška. Zagreb's streets and squares will be colorful with artists, performers, circus performers and musicians from 13 countries around the world.

100 hours of programs for all ages and different tastes await you. Children's program in Zrinjevac, from 11 a.m. until evening, live sculptures at various festival locations.

So do not miss being a participant of this most spectacular Zagreb’s event, where you will have fun, and laugh to tears, because zest, joy and laughter are the main features of this festival event in Zagreb, and we can proudly say, at one of the best street festivals in Europe.

Through our webcams, you can follow the festival at few locations in Zagreb.




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