Celebration of the Day of Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day
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Celebration of the Day of Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day

  • 03.08.2019. - 05.08.2019.
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The Day of Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving, the Day of Croatian Veterans and the Anniversary of the Operation Storm, is celebrated every year on 5th August in Croatia, on the day when the Croatian Army liberated the occupied Knin in 1995. and won the Homeland War.

Twenty-four years ago, on August 5th, 1995, Operation Storm returned the entire occupied territory to the Croatian constitutional order, except for Eastern Slavonia. The operation liberated 10,400 square kilometers, or 18.4 percent of Croatia's total area. The Storm, along with the Flash war actions, was a key operation that led to the end of the Homeland War. The liberation of Knin, the center of hostile rebellion in Croatia, achieved the most important strategic, political and military objective, not only of Operation Storm, but of the entire Homeland War. In just 84 hours of Operation Storm, which engaged nearly 200,000 Croatian soldiers and liberated more than 10,000 square kilometers of previously occupied territory, the Croatian Army accomplished all its goals and enabled Croatia's independence and independence and freedom.

The main celebration of the 24th anniversary of the Storm is celebrated in Knin, but also the rest of Croatia pays tribute to Croatian veterans. The candles will be lit, wreaths on monuments to fallen Croatian warriors through whole Croatia, but this magnificent day will be also filled with socializing, song, good food and drink, fests, various sports events, rich programs.

Here are just some of the highlights:

Turanj has proven that it is the new star of the Karlovac tourist offer. More than 7,000 people have visited the Museum since it officially opened its doors to the public on July 5th. The great interest of both domestic and foreign tourists is also expected on the occasion of Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day and Croatian Veterans Day, when admission to the Museum will be free of charge all day.

The city of Zadar also prepares a celebration and festivity. On the eve of the holidays, on August 4th, the Forum will host Jure Stublić and the Film group. After that, the celebration of the holidays will start at midnight with a special fireworks display and will continue on the streets of the city on August 5th, performed by the City Music Zadar. Tonight, also at the Forum, at 9pm, the Munita Klapa and the Rockatansky Group will perform.

Marko Perković Thompson will perform in Split at waterfront from 9.30pm. A pass of Croatian war veterans with flags will also pass there, all of which will be magnified by the magnificent fireworks of Gat sv. Nichola from 11.30pm.

The central ceremony in Opatija is a traditional walk through the center of Opatija, from the Ambassador Hotel to Slatina, which starts at 8.00 pm.

In Korenica, the day will be marked by sports competitions that will take place on the grounds of Plitvice Lakes Secondary School in the morning, and the evening program will begin at 8pm with a concert by the band Alfe in St. Jurja Square. As every year, the celebration will end with a spectacular fireworks display at 11.30pm.

The legendary Prljavo kazalište will perform in the center of Baška Voda.

Vir will host Duško Lokin and Zdravko Škender on their popular stage.

A Mass will be held at the Church of the Assumption in Pag, beginning at 10.30am, and in the evening, a celebration and entertainment program will be held on Branimir's shore with the performance of the Sol choir beginning at 8pm.

At 9 pm on the Promenade of the Slave Striegl Slavoljub in Sisak, the concert of Đani Stipaničev will begin, and during the concert free roast fish for the citizens is organized.

Mali Lošinj is also celebrating on the Square of the Republic of Croatia from 9pm with Jelena Rozga's concert.

Highlight the Croatian flags on our facades with pride! We congratulate You on the Day of Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving and the Day of Croatian Defenders.

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