Celebration of St. Anthony, Day of the city of Novalja
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Celebration of St. Anthony, Day of the city of Novalja

  • 13.06.2020. - 30.06.2020.
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The first of them is the celebration of the Day of the city of Novalja and Antonja. On the feast of St. Anthony, June 13, the City of Novalja has been celebrating its day since 1998. The City of Novalja celebrates St. Anthony with various programs and events, cultural events and football tournaments, as well as the traditional solemn session of the City Council of Novalja. In the morning, a solemn Holy Mass will be held in the church of St. Anton in Novalja field, who is the St. patron of the City of Novalja and its inhabitants. The religious event traditionally takes place in the courtyard of the church itself. In the afternoon, a mini-football tournament will be held in the Sports Center of Novalja, and in the evening you can have fun on the Basilica Square with the event Vridne ruke and the klapa Bunari.

On the eve of St. Anthony's Day in Novalja, the Novalja Cultural Summer begins, a multi-day event rich in cultural, entertainment and sports facilities. At the Novalja Cultural Summer, visitors can enjoy art exhibitions, concerts of classical, klapa and popular music, performances by folklore groups, theater and film performances in the open air, sports competitions.

Unfortunately, the summer in Novalja will not be what we are used to. However, Novalja made an effort to reward us here and there during the summer with a outdoor concert or sports event, because Outdoor tourism, which Novalja develops in parallel with entertainment, has now proved to be a great way.

You can forget about crazy parties on Zrće beach, but clubs and facilities on Zrće beach will gradually open during June and the beginning of next month. There will be parties, but in small and limited quantities.

Visit Novalja and experience it in a different way, maybe you’ll like this kind of Novalja, calmer, without crowds on the beaches, without parties on the streets. Find your bay, your corner and enjoy a completely different summer.


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