Birthday of the city of Karlovac
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Birthday of the city of Karlovac

  • 13.07.2021. - 13.07.2021.
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Beautiful Karlovac, a town on 4 rivers, this year celebrates - almost half a thousand years of existence – 441st birthday. Karlovac is one of the few towns in Croatia that knows the exact date of its creation - July 13, 1579.

The theme of this year's theme birthday celebration is Star Summer, the same as the name of the concept of celebrating the birthday of the city of Karlovac, which lasts until the very birthday of Karlovac on July 13. Star in the name of the event, associates to the well-known Karlovac fortification form from which today's Karlovac originated. The Star can also be associated with famous people who were born or worked in Karlovac, such as Vjekoslav Karas, Nikola Tesla, Dragojla Jarnević and many others. Karlovac stars are also locations such as the Old Town of Dubovac, Fogin's Baths, Dr. Franjo Tuđman's Promenade as well as many other known and unknown Karlovac locations. In the name of the event, summer celebrates the beginning of summer, the awakening of the city under the sun's rays, the appearance of people on the streets of Karlovac, the richness of colors, tastes and smells. Summer is symbolized by long warm summer evenings, Karlovac rivers and outdoor gatherings.

There is also the famous Foginovo swimming resort, one of the registered river swimms in Croatia, the winner of the Green Flower and the Tourist Flower, in the very center of Karlovac on the Korana river, where you can refresh yourself after all the activities and events.

As part of the celebration of the 441st birthday of the city of Karlovac, the Karlovac Civil Guard performed the 3rd ceremony of changing the guard in front of the City Administration building, after the change of guard, the guests of the Guard at exactly noon, with a symbolic shot from 6 cannons, reminded us of the 6 arms of the historical Karlovac Star.

Unfortunately, due to the new situation, the Karlovac CP headquarters issued a recommendation to cancel the remaining Star Summer program.

But you can still magnify the celebration of Karlovac's birthday on July 13 and dance the waltz at the Birthday Ball, sign up and choose your dance position.

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