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Biology night
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Biology night

  • 26.03.2021. - 27.03.2021.
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This year, the Department of Biology of the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb is organizing Biology night with the aim of popularizing and promoting biology, ie science in general.

This year on March 26, Biology Night is coming to you!

All workshops, lectures, exhibitions will be presented via live streaming.

In the Olympic year, the 12th Biology night is in the Olympic spirit. Biology night is held under the motto of the Olympic games Citius, altius, fortis or Faster, higher, stronger and will try to show the Olympic winners in different disciplines, discover who are the BEST organisms of the living world, why stem cells are important to us, which are microbes the most extreme, who are the fastest fliers among insects, whether insects have a cloak of invisibility. Find out who are the models among the crabs, how stressors affect freshwater ecosystems and do we have a climate? Digitize and discover the everyday life of a rat family.

Our webcam monitors the behavior of white mice used in laboratory experiments and presentations to new students.

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