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Battle of Samobor 1441
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Battle of Samobor 1441

  • 03.03.2024. - 03.03.2024.
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On Sunday, March 3, the traditional Battle of Samobor 1441 event will take place on the Vugrinščak meadow at the foot of Samobor's Old Town. Vugrinščak will thus, for the 19th time in a row, be transformed into a military camp with knights, horsemen, swordsmen, archers and bowmen. , and a medieval fair will be set up around it. It is an event that attracts visitors from different regions. It is about the reconstruction of the historical battle that took place on Ash Wednesday, March 1, 1441. In the fight for the succession to the throne, Queen Elizabeth and King Vladislav Jagelović clashed. The fierce fight ended with the victory of Vitovč, who captured the general Banić and obtained considerable booty.
Visitors will be able to see part of the actual battles between the two armies and knights, after which the battle will continue with the usual choreography and familiar outcome, with the thunder of cannons and holsters from the two opposing camps.
The organizers have prepared an excellent program that will provide visitors with an authentic experience of the medieval period.

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