Assumption Day
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Assumption Day

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Each year, on August 15, thousands of believers are piled into the shrines to celebrate the Assumption Day, through prayer and Eucharistic celebrations, accompanied by processions and festivals and the holly mass.

According to Catholic theology, on August 15, Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, was entrusted with the soul and body to heaven, and this doctrine was proclaimed on 1 November 1950 by then pope Pio XII. The official proclamation was preceded by a long tradition that is old as well as Christianity alone. According to Catholic belief, it is actually the end of God's devoted life, which is the culmination and goal that every human existence is facing.

Many of them then decide and vow, and even go a long way barefoot, praying to the Virgin Mary to help them.

There are many marian sanctuaries in Croatia that receive thousands of pilgrims, including the most famous ones: the sanctuary of the Mother of God of Bistrica in Marija Bistrica, the sanctuary of the Mother of God Trsatska on Trsat, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sinj in Sinj, the sanctuary of the Mother of God Loretska in Arbanas near Zadar, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Zečeva in Nin, the Church of the Mother of God of Remetska in Zagreb's Remete, the sanctuary of the Mother of God Aljmaš in Aljmaš. The shrines are part of the culture of the Roman Catholic Church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. They mark the apparition or miracle that is attributed to the Virgin Mary, which is why the faithful come to pray.

In Croatia, the tradition of worshiping the Blessed Virgin Mary is very long. In times of hardship and trouble, the people would ask her for help. Trusting in her heavenly intercession, they called her out of gratitude to the "the queen of Croatia".

The Assumption Day is celebrated in many countries, but the most of it is Europe and South America.

The worshiping of the Mother of God was retained not only by Croats in their conutry, but also by those who were later displaced throughout the world, and today, for example, in Chicago, you mention the word "Croat", the first one that will be answered will be the "Great Lady". It is for Croats what it is to the Irish St. Patrick or the Italians Columbus Day.

The famous shrines of the Mother of God in the world are the Shrine of the Mother of God in Lourdes (France), Fatima (Portugal), Czestochowi (Poland), Loreto (Italy), Altötting (Germany) and Guadalupe (Mexico).









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