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Advent in Zagreb
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Advent in Zagreb

  • 27.11.2021. - 07.01.2021.
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This year, Advent in Zagreb is held for the first time under the auspices of the new line-up of the City of Zagreb and, as every year, in cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board. By lighting the first Advent candle on November 27 on Manduševac, the second pandemic Advent in Zagreb will begin, and after that the lights on Zrinjevac will be lit. The program of the multi-award winning Advent and New Year's events will last until January 7, 2022.

Zagreb, without any exaggeration, every year with its Christmas atmosphere can be compared with other Central European capitals, which have a very long tradition of organizing Advent events. Advent in Zagreb 2021 should inherit a valuable tradition of a wealth of Christmas events throughout Zagreb. Many will certainly miss the popular skating rink on King Tomislav Square and the Christmas atmosphere on Zrinjevac, but despite that, there will certainly be no lack of content for all generations of visitors.


15 locations will be arranged in Christmas spirit, of which 11 locations in the Lower Town: the central Jelačić square, Zrinjevac park, J.J. Strossmayer square, King Tomislav square, European square, Oktogon passage, Republic of Croatia square, Mažuranić square, Matica hrvatskih obrtnika, ALU and Grič tunnel and 4 in the Upper Town: St. Marko sqaure, Bela IV Park, Gradec plateau and Strossmayer promenade west. With the Light of Advent project, the windows of selected institutions in the Upper Town will be decorated in the Christmas spirit.

The theme of this year's Advent is traditional Croatian toys, and the Virtual Toys project will take many back to childhood through a long tradition of handmade toys that marked the growing up of many of us and we will have the opportunity to play with them again with smartphones.

13 concerts of popular performers will be held on Zrinjevac, while a total of 14 music programs with a total of 129 concerts will be held.

During Advent, Zagreb will be visited by many digital nomads who will promote the city and remind why Zagreb is in the 5th place of the most attractive cities in the world for them. Zagreb is definitely worth a visit during Advent because it shines especially at that time. But it is best to check it out for yourself by coming to Advent in Zagreb.

This year we will visit the famous locations in the city, provide you with a LIVE stream from the city squares and Advent celebrations.

With no exaggeration, Zagreb can be compared to other Central European capitals, which have a very long tradition of organizing Christmas events. In fact, it can surpass them as well, and this was confirmed by the end of 2015, when Zagreb was first named the city with the best Christmas Market in Europe, after which the program became even more interesting and meaningful, and won the same title in 2016. and in 2017. This year Zagreb voted No.3 Best Christmas Markets in the World for 2019 in a survey by global travel site Big 7. This is not the first time the Big 7 has award Zagreb. Recently, Zagreb was chosen as the best location to visit in the winter season in a competition of 25 cities.

This year's Advent in Zagreb will last from November 30 to January 7, 2021. Each edition of Advent in Zagreb brings some news, so this year Advent in Zagreb has two main themes - The Nutcracker and Croatian Heritage, so the sculptures of Nutcracker will be placed all over the city, especially in Grič tunnel and Oktogon.

New locations such as Tuškanac with Film Advent, Dežman Passage to Tuškanac Cinema, Park Grič, Zakmardi Stairs, Franje Rački Street, Trg žrtava Fašizma, Bundek and Franjo Tuđman Square and many of us will delight the Christmas atmosphere in Maksimir, which is part of Advent in Zagreb also became 2018, location in front of Croatian National Theater, European Square, Ban Jelačić Square, Strossmayer Promenade, Oktogon, Zrinjevac, Tomislav Square with ice rink, popular Fuliranje on Strossmayer Square, live Nativity scene in front of the Cathedral, Grič Tunnel, ZOO in Maksimir, Klovićevi courtyards with an unforgettable view of Zagreb to the Cathedral, Prekrižje, all enriched with a rich gastronomy offer, concerts, DJ performances.

The Zagreb Advent begins with the burning of the first Advent candle at Manduševac, followed by the opening programs on Zrinjevac (Christmas lamps) and Tomislav Square.

This year we will visit famous locations in the city as well and of course there will be LIVE broadcasts from city squares and Advent celebrations.

Is there a better way to announce Advent in Zagreb?



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