A celebration of Labor Day during corona
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A celebration of Labor Day during corona

  • 01.05.2020. - 01.05.2020.
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The First May or Labor Day is an international holiday that is celebrated as a memorial to large workers' protests held in Chicago on May 1, 1886. In Croatia, this day is celebrated as open-air celebrations with a rich program where portions of beans and carnations are sharing - flowers that are the symbol of the workers' movement.

Due to coronavirus epidemic and the security measures which are still on, the traditional International Labor Day celebrations - May 1st - will not be held this year in the way we used to celebrate this day of all previous years.

The priority is to protect the health of all of us. For Labor Day and the upcoming weekend, police controls will be stepped up at the usual locations, gatherings and popular picnic areas. As the decision to ban the gathering is still on, please respect the measures to avoid the unintended consequences of spreading the epidemic after the May holidays.

Stay safe, stay at home and let’s remember what it looked like in previous years.

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