4th Baška Outdoor festival
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4th Baška Outdoor festival

  • 12.10.2018. - 14.10.2018.
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This year Baška Outdoor Festival offers five different programs: trekkers, climbers, cyclists, mountaineers and lovers of beautiful Baška landscapes, nature and fresh air from Friday to Sunday, can enjoy a variety of activities tailored to their wishes, at more than 90km of promenades, cycling routes linked to historical and cultural sites in beautiful nature, with excellent accommodation capacity and gastronomic offer.

During the three days of the Baška Outdoor Festival, athletes and recreationalists, as well as families with children, will enjoy the Zipline, walking among trees, unforgettable driving experience, walking in unforgettable landscapes and sloping lanes over 2 km long .  

Krk 'n' Roll mountain-bike marathon is organized on Saturday for all cyclists in three different lengths, of 70, 50 and 30 kilometers, for men and women. The race is of a recreational character and the right to participate have persons over the age of 18.

The rich all-day track program of the Krk Island Trail race takes place on Saturday, in three categories, Challenger in length of 22 kilometers, Active in length of 15 kilometers and Light in length of 6 kilometers.

There is also a hiking excursion from the center of Baška in the direction of Zarok and Batomlje which allows walking through the unique landscape of Baška, its history and tradition. Mountain excursions will take place on Sunday.

The Portafortuna climbing will host the climbers on Sunday, professionals and amateurs which will climb for the first time and will be able to learn the basics of climbing and using the equipment.

An adrenaline sports weekend on the island of Krk!

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