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4 Fortresses Half marathon  in Šibenik
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4 Fortresses Half marathon in Šibenik

  • 27.05.2022. - 29.05.2022.
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Šibenik was built in a place where defense was a more important factor than anything else. That is why Krešimir's city has one of the most fascinating fortification systems in Croatian tourism (side by side with the Dubrovnik fortification).

4 Šibenik fortresses (St. Michael (Fortress of Culture), Baron, St. Nicholas, St. John - Tanaj) today with their magnificent contours and the view from them are an exceptional tourist attraction and cultural treasure. The four fortresses are a combination of cultural heritage, a specific urban environment and extraordinary integration into the natural environment. Two of them are restored and becoming an indispensable pearl of the Croatian coast and an unavoidable tourist destination.

The 4 Fortress Šibenik Half Marathon is an international athletics race at 21,098m with a start and finish on the Šibenik waterfront, and a track that includes all 4 Šibenik fortresses, and will be held from 27 to 29 May. Šibenik waterfront and Pavle Šubić Square are ideal starting and ending points. End of the race - the ascent to the fortresses of Barone and St. Michael is the most demanding part of the race. Event 4 of the Fortress, in addition to the half marathon, includes concerts, children's races, a 5 km race but also a beer mile - a popular race at 1,609.4m (miles) with beer drinking according to standard beer mile rules. Mihovil, and on May 28 TBF on the waterfront. Sunday, May 29 is reserved for races and competitions.

The idea is that 4 Šibenik Fortress Half Marathon will come to life as a regular annual event that will attract a large number of domestic and foreign guests, lovers of running and sports, and will provide additional content to the citizens of Šibenik and direct them to sports activities. The event is also of a socially useful character, because the final goal is actually the renovation or restoration of Šibenik's portals.

4 fortresses

3 days

2 races and 2 concerts

1 city Šibenik

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