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32. Beer festival in Karlovac
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32. Beer festival in Karlovac

  • 31.08.2018. - 09.09.2018.
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You should not ask the real beer lovers where they’ll spent the last days of August!

In 1984. Karlovac's Brewery with the organizational help of town Karlovac, launched the annual celebration of Beer festival, which was held at the City Square in the center of Zvijezda, today's Ban Josip Jelačić Square. The celebration would then begin with the procession that moved from the Karlovac brewery, from the direction of Dubovac, and would end on the already mentioned central city square, while the opening would mark the release of beer that would flow from the central city fountain.

The beer festival will last 10 summer days, from August 31st to September 9th, on the right bank of the Korana river. If you are a beer lover do not miss the 32nd Karlovac Beer festival, the festival with the longest tradition in the region. The lovers of beer will be able to try numerous local and foreign beers, a rich catering offer, enjoy the unavoidable entertainment and music program that this year will really satisfy all tastes. The entrance is free to all concerts, so if you love beer, there is no excuse not to go to the city on four ... or five rivers, because during the manifestation the fifth river will run, the beer river!

And no magnificent opening can take place without a great fireworks that will officially kick off a ten-day beer party and well known singers. These days the beer is at the first place, but the music program is often expected with at least as much impatience, and many people choose the day according to the published program, when they’ll visit ŠRC Korana which is only a few meters from the most beautiful Karlovac river, still great for swimming!

On the opening day, the great parade with ore than 700 participants is moving from Zvijezda. The "Beer Garden", which has been very well received since the very beginning, becomes even bigger and you can expect a variety of beer brands. Every evening on the stage of Beer Garden, you will be greeted by top guitar soloists. The main stage, as well as every year, offers the top 10 best names.

Visit Karlovac, choose a party for yourself and celebrate the last few August days with as many as 50 kinds of beers! You can find the program per day here:


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