22nd International Fair SASO 2018. in Split
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22nd International Fair SASO 2018. in Split

  • 24.10.2018. - 27.10.2018.
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If you plan to adapt or build a house, apartment or swimming pool, all you need to know is at the Spaladium arena in Split where the 22nd International SASO2018 Fair will take place from 24 to 27 October.

SASO2018 is being held at the right time, right after another successful tourist season, when tourism revenue is realized and when renovations and investments for the next tourist season are planned. This is basically the idea of the SASO2018 fair, the renovation of the facility from the ground to the roof, the future theme and exhibitors covering all areas of renovation.

Traditionally, the most important economic fair in the region brings together 883 exhibitors from 8 European countries - 10 specialized fairs, 4 professional conferences, presentations, education and lectures will be held within the fair. This is also the place where new jobs are to be found, where the profession meets the economy and the opportunity to meet businessmen, with business decision makers referring to target groups and sales channels.

Visitors have the opportunity to see all the new trends, to be informed about the offer on the market of building materials, ceramics, floor and wall coverings, lighting fixtures, tools and machines, interior, find everything related to construction sites and construction of new buildings, holiday homes and swimming pools and also will be able to take advantage of the discounts at the fair.

Our webcam is at Armstark's booth which offers high-quality products to equip a private wellness oasis (hydro-massage pools, saunas, swim spa pools, pool lounge). If you want a decent spa center at your home, you have to visit Armstark's booth. Professional staff will answer all of your questions and show you all the benefits of your private spa oasis at exhibition specimens. The best promotion is a network of satisfied customers and numerous awards are the best motivation for new ideas and products.

Be a part of the most important economic fair!

More information about Armstark can be found at:



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