12. Days of figs in Krk
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12. Days of figs in Krk

  • 31.08.2018. - 02.09.2018.
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For millennia, figs are part of a typical healthy Mediterranean diet. Figs are one of the earliest cultivated types of fruit. More precisely, the fig tree is actually a flower, but it is eaten as a fruit. Even in ancient times figs have been dried to preserve over a longer period of time. The fig tree was planted in a paradise garden, and fig is the most prominent mentioned fruit in the Bible. The legend says that the figs were the favorite Cleopatra's fruit and she died because of the poisoning of the poison snake that came to her chambers in the fig leaf. Everyone in Athens was a "philosykos", which is literally a "friend of figs."

The figs have a very short breeding season and are extremely sensitive. Therefore, they are most enjoyable if eaten immediately after picking up, after a short time spent in the fridge. Although fresh figs are available only a few months a year, you can enjoy dry figs throughout the year.

And this year, at the beginning of September, Krk put the figs at the center of their promotional activities. 12. The days of figs which will take place from August 31 to September 2, 2018 in the city of Krk., it is a rich in gastronomic offer based on figs in Krk restaurants, complemented by educational part, entertainment programs and presentations of local products based on this fine Mediterranean fruit. In restaurants will be served an imaginative sweet and salty foods based on the fruits of this nutritionally valuable fruit, such as cakes, pancakes, pies or iced ice cream, cake with figs jam, pasta with scampi and figs, steaks in dried figs ... the biggest part of this gastronomic event is held at Vela Placa and one part of the Cocktail Bar Volonis.

Days of figs last throughout the weekend. You can enjoy in many delicacies from sweet to salty - all with figs. And homemakers will also get new seedlings - to make the fig tree, through the years to come, become recognizable as golden olive oil and golden island cheese from Krk.

You can find detailed programe by days here:



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