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11. Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj
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11. Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj

  • 20.09.2018. - 23.09.2018.
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The Weekend Media Festival, a well-known event and the largest regional communications festival gathering leading people and professionals in the communications and business world, will be held from September 20 to 23, as always in the former tobacco factory in Rovinj. The 11th edition of this three-day, largest communication festival in Southeast Europe is the central venue on which stage the latest communication trends, technological innovations, and revolutionary technologies, with well-known experts and business world leaders.

What the Weekend Media Festival bring to us this year?

This year festival partners are France and Germany. The whole old factory will be in the spirit of the urban Paris and Berlin and all visitors will enjoy their culture, art and lifestyle.

At lectures, panels and workshops, everything will be covered, all current topics and trends, from politics and digitization to literary and expedition to the South Pole, which is why the witty debates will certainly won’t be missing.

Part of the rich program will be devoted to partner countries that will present to us through lectures and exhibitions the Parisian charm and Berlin multiculturalism; their artists, intellectuals and innovators.

One of the interesting themes will be the lecture "Do you believe your cell phone". "Is my cell phone spying me?" the question everyone has asked at least once since the cell phones became smart. What can all our phones do without our knowledge and permissions can be found in this lecture.

With fantastic lecturers, interesting panels and participation at various workshops, the Weekend also offers the most famous partying and networking that is one of the biggest Weekend adut.

No matter what you do, whether you are marketing or not, if you want to renew your business contacts or get new one, hear about relevant business trends or just have fun, Rovinj is the right place for you and you will abandon it with a multitude of ideas and inspiration and great memories for an unforgettable getaway.

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