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Zagreb, Pantovcak, St. Quirin Church, Zagreb, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 15.9615
  • Latitude 45.829
  • Publicaton date 03. December 2020.


9o C 72% 1015 hPa

Relatively new parish church on Pantovčak, Zagreb parish of St. Quirin, built in 2003 when for the first time celebrations and the sacraments were held. A year later in the new parish church, Eucharistic celebrations are regularly held. In 2008, three bells were installed on the church: the Great Bell of St. Quirin - (550 kg), Middle bell of St. Families - (260 kg) and the Little Bell of St. George - (160 kg). The bells were cast in Innsbruck, Austria. June 11, 2011 - Archbishop of Zagreb, Josip Card. Bozanić, dedicated the newly built church of St. Quirin on Pantovčak. Every year on June 4, the parish celebrates the feast of its heavenly patron St. Quirin.

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