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Zagreb, Church of St. Michael - Gračani, Zagreb, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 15.9701
  • Latitude 45.854
  • Publicaton date 07. December 2020.


-1o C 59% 1038 hPa
In 1983 there was a grand opening of the Parish of St. Mihael in Gračani, and the holy mass was presided over by the Archbishop of Zagreb - Cardinal Franjo Kuharić. Religious life abruptly flared up, so in the same year and before the solemn proclamation of the parish, the first baptism was performed.
From the founding of its own parish until today, the parish is constantly renewed thanks to its parishioners. In 1993, electrification of all four bells was introduced, in 1996 the roof of the church was changed, and the highlight was the installation of a new statue of St. Mihael on the renovated facade in 1997. During 1999, minor interventions were carried out in the church and in the courtyard, a new copper roof on the bell tower, a new facade. Due to all the above, the church of St. Mihael  arouses the admiration of every observer, no matter from which side he is observed. It especially attracts attention at night, when illuminated by spotlights it leaves a special impression.
Unfortunately, after the earthquake in March this year, the church suffered material damage and will need to be rebuilt and shine in her full glory again.

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