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Zadar port Gaženica panorama, Zadar , [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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The port of Gaženica is located only 3.5 kilometers from the very center of Zadar, it is directly connected to the A1 highway that connects the north and south of Croatia, and the Zadar airport is also nearby.
Zadar is an important traffic center of the region located halfway between Venice and Dubrovnik and has always been an important transit port. With an annual traffic of 2.4 million passengers and 350,000 vehicles, Zadar is one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean.
A two-lane highway leads to the port, and the port is close to Zemunik Airport. Terminal buildings and waiting areas, parking and pumps meet international standards, so a large part of ferry traffic is diverted here. The ferry port of Gaženica has the possibility of simultaneous loading and unloading of passengers, cars and cargo for 7 ferries on local lines, 2 ships of international navigation up to 200 meters and 3 cruise ships with a length of 350 meters. With the possibility of cargo ships docking at the same piers, Gaženica is a modern port with the appropriate capacity of a Mediterranean port. Gaženica covers 250,000 square meters, with a harbor depth of 13 to 15 meters. The port was opened for traffic in 2015, and all works were completely completed in 2019. The ferry port is connected to all the most important points in the city by regular bus lines.
Zadar Cruise Port - The passenger port of Gaženica was declared the Port of the Year 2019 at the most prestigious Seatrade Cruise Awards 2019 held in Hamburg.

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