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Vrana lake, ornithological reserve - camp Crkvine, Pakoštane, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 15.511
  • Latitude 43.9298
  • Publicaton date 24. May 2018.


12o C 69% 1022 hPa

Vransko Lake, a natural phenomenon - two distinct blues at such a small distance are rarely visible. And on the shore of the lake, in the Nature Park, lies Camp Crkvine. A perfect place for a relaxing or active vacation and enjoying the magical world of fresh and sea water for all nature and bird lovers, and is a paradise for families of cyclists and fishermen. When you find yourself in this unique oasis, you can enjoy a variety of activities:

  • fishing - due to the increased salinity of the water because the Lake is located in the immediate vicinity of the sea, there are freshwater and saltwater species of fish making this lake very interesting for fishing. 
  • bird watching -  there are 251 species of birds lives in the ornitological reserve and even 13 species whose population in this area is relevant not only for their survival in Croatia but also at a European and international level. All this makes Vrana Lake an ideal location for bird watching. Do you know that in the evening, over 100,000 birds can rest on the Vransko Lake surface.
  • biking and walking - biking and walking are a great ways to explore Vrana Lake and the surrounding villages and the beaches along the coast, just discover the magical world of lake's flora and fauna

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