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View to Bistra Gornja, Donja, Sljeme, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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Camera info

  • Longitude 15.9471
  • Latitude 45.8992
  • Publicaton date 25. October 2016.


-5o C 80% 1025 hPa

LiveCamCroatia webcams present the beautiful panoramic view of Bistra Gornja and Bistra Donja. Bistra is a municipality in Croatia in the County of Zagreb. Both places are situated at the foothill of the Sljeme, from where it extends this view in front of our camera. The small municipality has more than 6,000 inhabitants and it is about 20 kilometers from Zagreb. It is located, as we have already mentioned, near the Sljeme, more precisely under the Medvednica. If you want to visit one of these places, check out our live streaming.

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