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View from Primary school "Kamešnica" , Otok near Sinj, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

Camera info

  • Longitude 16.637
  • Latitude 43.7029
  • Publicaton date 14. June 2018.


21o C 68% 1015 hPa

Great view of the Kamešnica Elementary School in Otok! Right here in the school yard  the most important school deals, socializing, intrigue is happening! And even during the school holidays. Primary School Kamešnica is a very enterprising and innovative school. With a multitude of innovative projects, we can point out that this is the first school in Croatia which has introduced a pilot project for student rating reviews online.

In the distance you can see the river Cetina, the town of Sinj and in the distance the mountain Kamešnica.

Otok near Sinj

Although a small municipality and place in Sinj in Split - Dalmatia County in Cetina, it takes care of everything. The municipality of Otok cares about the social development and sports activities of its citizens, cares about space and urban development, preserves its heritage and natural resources. The Municipality of Otok in the Cetina Krajina sees its sights primarily in the villages, ramparts, cemeteries, chapels, churches, marginal and ruined fortresses, old stone houses, huts, mills, kilometer drywall and finally, the vibrant Cetina river with many springs , wells and river islands. This "heritage" lasts throughout the history of Cetinje and their homeland.

How much it cares about their citizens tells the fact that it encourages natality in the form of great money help for parents. And even more interesting is the fact that Otok carries the title with the most unmarried men in Croatia and the municipality also encourages marriage with a wealth of money. It also boasts with low unemployment, sufunanced socially vulnerable, school children and students helping scholarships. It can be said that the municipality of Otok stands well, and all this can be thanked by HE on the Cetina river basin and the kilovathours produced.

There is also a very enterprising Primary School kamešnica which has introduced the first pilot project of student grading reviews online.

To conclude that Otok boasts many things that no big city can do. Bravo!

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