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Veli Losinj - center, Veli Lošinj, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 14.500
  • Latitude 44.5215
  • Publicaton date 20. June 2016.


12o C 93% 1008 hPa

Our camera is positioned so that it clearly shows the center of the unique Veli Lošinj. As you can see, the small cove is almost always full of boats, and interesting buildings due to its multicolor are quite reminding of houses in Italian Murano and Burano.

There are also cafes, restaurants and taverns with indigenous delicacies, and during various events such as concerts, races and fairs this part of the place becomes the real entertainment center for all generations. For this reason, Veli Lošinj is an ideal destination for families with children, couples, and all those who want to experience a fantastic holiday in a small place that tells a really specific story.

Just sit on one of the benches you can see in the background and enjoy the summer evenings, watch the sea, fishermen, eat ice cream, relax and experience a vacation and Veli Lošinj in the true sense.

Veli Lošinj

On the south-eastern side of the island of Lošinj, below the hill of St. Ivan, lies Veli Lošinj, which is also the second largest place on the island.

The city is dominated by lavish villas with beautiful gardens that once belonged to the rich gentlemen such as captains and sailors. More than 80 species of plants have been found in the gardens, and in the park of Veli Lošinj where is a health resort today, more than 200 botanical varieties have found their home.

The beautiful landscape, clean sea, narrow streets and rich specific cultural and historical heritage give this town a special charm. Apart from the already mentioned gorgeous villas, there is also cultural heritage such as church of St. Antun Pustinjak with an exceptionally high bell tower, the church of St. Nicholas and a tower that was built in the past to defend against the sea attack.

Athletes and all active holidaymakers can enjoy football, basketball, volleyball, cycling, water polo, hiking on landscaped trails, sailing, scuba diving and many other sport activities.

Exceptionally pure air is also something that Veli Lošinj can boast with it. Scientists made a research and there is a written confirmation that breathing in the area is healing.

The summer nights in Veli Lošinj are reserved for a great fun, various feasts and numerous games organized in the place. If you want to taste the finest indigenous delicacies choose to visit one of the many taverns here.

Do not miss an oppurtunity to visit the small fishing port of Rovenska, located nearby to Veli Lošinj. This harbor takes attention with its beautiful beach as well as the specific fishermen's atmosphere and the tradition of local inhabitants.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday in a pure air, a place of rich cultural and historical heritage, a place to enjoy the natural beauties or an active holiday, go to Veli Lošinj because it will offer you all that and much more!

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