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Umag, May 1. square, Umag, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 13.525
  • Latitude 45.4372
  • Publicaton date 10. September 2019.


25o C 60% 1013 hPa

New Umag Square May 1st can certainly be called the square of novelty and creativity. Investment on the construction of the Square on May 1 in the amount of over HRK 10 million. bout 2100 m2 of the square is lined with stone, as well as horticulturally decorated and stone lined with gingerbread. A vertical garden of 950 permanent seedlings with irrigation was built, which is a unique horticultural detail. An island with a palm tree on the cedar site, listed benches of modern design along the very avenue of oak, a fountain with 27 jets and LED lighting. Game of light, cleanliness, tidiness and practicality are the main features of this square, which is a place for gathering and holding various events.

During the construction in the Square area, an invaluable, archaeological site, was discovered. The edges of the walls are indicated at the sites of the area and next to it is an information board with a detailed description of the results of the site and its appearance in the course of the research.

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