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Umag is a small town located on the western side of the Istrian peninsula, only about 10 kilometers from the Slovenian border. The place is an attractive tourist destination, but the locals remained faithful to olive and grape growing. Our webcam, which you are currently watching, is located in an attractive location on the Liberty Square.

In front of the camera you can see a beautiful paved promenade, enclosed by terraces of surrounding restaurants, Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Peregrin, and the church tower that completes the whole picture.


Umag is located on the west coast of Istria. It exists since Roman times. Written sources mention it already in the sixth century. Many valuable artefacts dating back to the Roman times have been found in this area –the remains of the seaside villa with mosaic floors, remains of quays, as well as many different ceramic artefacts. Venetian old houses are still radiant with glamour and shine. Out of the old town centre, parts of the town walls and tower have been preserved, as well as impressive renaissance and baroque architecture which was built later. Umag is a true tourist destination – natural beauty, geographical position and climate are in its favour. Agro tourism, as a branch of tourism in development, attracts more and more tourists– the development of tourism in Umag is directly related to the development of agriculture. Fertile soil enables successful growth of olives and vine. Cultural events are frequent at public community college, including international literature symposium “Tomizza and we”. Alongside its many faces, Umag is a town of sport,hence there are frequent competitions in sport fishing, equestrian tournaments, ACI sailing cup and the most famous tennis tournament ATP Croatia Open. In favour of the beauty of beaches of Umag goes the fact that the National Geographic added Istria on the list of ten top world destinations in 2011,featuring the text with a photo of beach in Umag.

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