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Trogir renovation of the old Ciovo bridge, Trogir, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 16.2501
  • Latitude 43.5163
  • Publicaton date 20. October 2021.


8o C 76% 1020 hPa

The opening of the new Ciovo bridge enabled the renovation of the almost 60-year-old drawbridge in Trogir, which began in September and which you can follow live via our camera. During the works, all motor vehicle traffic takes place over the new bridge, and a free boat connection Gradska riva - Čiovska riva is provided for pedestrians (the distance between the two banks is 100 meters).

The renovation is worth about 20 million kuna, and the works should be completed by June 2022 before the start of the main part of the tourist season. The project for the reconstruction of the bridge is necessary primarily for the safety of vehicles and pedestrians, and secondarily for aesthetics, because its vision has not been appropriate for some time to be based on the UNESCO-protected city center. Dismantling of steel movable span structures is planned, which will be raised by special cranes and lowered to the plateau in the sea strait, and due to environmental and technical conditions, corrosion protection will be performed in controlled factory conditions. This project will restore all parts of the bridge structure, including mechanical and electrical equipment and pavement structure. The project also includes the installation of new decorative lighting for the bridge.

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