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Trilj view of the river Cetina, Trilj, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 16.7253
  • Latitude 43.6121
  • Publicaton date 01. October 2021.


14o C 76% 1016 hPa

The town of bridges Trilj is nestled on both sides of the mighty, green beauty of the river Cetina, which winds through the town, and which is framed by a landscaped stone promenade with benches. An ideal place for relaxation with walking, cycling, horseback riding, but also hiking because many hiking and biking trails lead from Trilj, which is why many people from Split come to Trilj on weekends, which is less than half an hour away.

The reconstruction of bicycle trails and promenades is one of the first European projects in Trilj, so this area has been included in bicycle maps for some time (a total of 9 trails 120 km long). The project also includes the renovation of the center of Trilj and increasing the quality of tourist infrastructure. Currently, the project of the first pier in the city is running which should be ready by the summer of 2023, and on the reconstruction of the first beach Veliki Drinić on the river Cetina.

Through our webcam you can watch the beautiful river Cetina, where the Cetina boat race is held every summer, the promenade along the river with many walkers and a little further the main Trilj bridge.


In recent years, Trilj has become more and more interesting to tourists, especially those who want peace, quiet, idyllic atmosphere of the Dalmatian hinterland.


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