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With the European project worth 32 million kuna, the existing port of county importance in Tkon (island of Pašman) was added, which was officially opened in March 2022. This is the first port infrastructure project in Croatia financed by EU funds. This is a project of vital importance for the entire island of Pasman that will contribute to the development of tourism and improve the quality of life of the local population.

The main goal of the project is to improve the organization of maritime transport services throughout the year in order to ensure the availability of daily activities for the island's population, reduce congestion, which was large during the summer months, and facilitate connectivity. The new port of Tkon is a modern and safe port.

The reconstruction of the port has increased its capacity, the quality of the port, but also the safety of regular transport on the state ferry line Tkon - Biograd. The existing ferry port has been upgraded, the plateau of the port for loading and unloading vehicles has been arranged, an underwater culvert for sea circulation in the port area and the plateau of the boarding waiting area with three lanes and a parking lot have been built.

The Port of Tkon is 9th in Croatia in terms of the number of transported passengers (500,000 per year) and 11th in terms of the number of transported vehicles (120,000 per year) and 2nd in terms of the number of transported passengers and vehicles in Zadar County.

Through this webcam you can monitor the situation at the port and thus plan your trip.





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