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Tkon - Ferry [Information], Pašman, Jadrolinija, current state of navigation 2019

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You are looking at the ferry dock in Tkon on the island of Pašman. Tkon has a regular ferry line with Biograd na Moru, from where are coming ferries that usually appear on our live stream. Tkon can boast a pleasant Adriatic climate, clean sea and beautiful sandy beaches. If you choose to visit this tourist town you will probably walk in front of our web camera, so we invite you to wave to everyone who is following LiveCamCroatia. Thanks to our camera you can see the ferry dock, as well as the row of cars waiting for the next boarding. Blue colors of Adriatic in the background complete the recording you are used to see in all coastal places. In the distance you can see the Croatian coastal area, actually Soline in Biograd na Moru and the rest of the southern part of this small town.

Jadrolinija [ Information: ferry timetable ]


Tkon is an old fishing village located on the southern part of the island of Pašman. The population was engaged in agriculture, cattle breeding and fishing, and the most important activity was fishing of shellfish in the Pašman channel which is why he got the name Tkon.
Beside various historical monuments, the church of the Benedictine monastery, Tkon will surely delight you with the sporting activities it offers. One of the most important is certainly Škraping - a cult adventure race of international character, on the sharp scraping / cliffs of the island of Pašman.
As a recognition of the quality of the project, Škraping is the holder of the prestigious "Croatian Island Product".
As in every Dalmatian place during the summer, Tkon also offers numerous festivals. The most famous is  "Latinsko idro" feast and then the sailing and rowing races and the "fishing night" are organized, so you can enjoy music and dance with baked fish, shellfish, black wine and many other local specialties.

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