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The island of Brač is the largest Middle Dalmatian island. Since all the other islands are well visited, we can conclude that Brač is one of the most visited. The Croatian islands really steal attention of many people from all around the world.

A lot of smaller and larger settlements on our islands can boast as desirable destinations for a peaceful and pleasant vacation.

Through the lenses of our webcams you can see a small berh in Sutivan on the island of Brač. In the background, there are beautiful, historical buildings, which are protected from the sea by only few meters of local road. Although driving car is allowed here, there are only a few of them.

That means that you will enjoy the peaceful environment without too much noise, and this kind of magic you can experience only on some of the Croatian islands.


Sutivan is an untouched jewel of Brač island. It is a beautiful and quite Mediterranean place with wonderful beaches surrounded by thick forests and a promenade stretching from Lučica to the bays of Prbuja, Likva, Stipanska, Stiniva, Mala Tiha and Vičja Luka. In each of these bays, there are top-notch beaches where every visitor will find peace and enjoy the perfect natural environment.

In the past, Sutivan residents mostly engaged in fishing, agriculture and maritime. And thanks to the fertile fields and the hard-working residents, today is also agriculture well-developed in the place. Sutivan is surrounded by beautiful vineyards and ancient olive trees, which can be reached by landscaped paths. These paths are also cycling and hiking tracks designed for recreation and sports activities.

Today, Sutivan has developed into a modern tourist destination whose contents are mainly focused on family, sports and recreational tourism. Although a small place, Sutivan has a lot of houses and top villas in the rental offer, and the hospitality of the hosts will win you "on the first" so you will definitely want to come back. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate and a variety of contents, Sutivan is a perfect destination for the whole year.

It is worth to visit Sutivan Nature Park, which is an ideal place for a rest, as well as for fun. Park is rich in various attractions, so both young and old can find something for themselves. There is a zoo in the park as well as a large playground for recreation. You can relax by the fountain with a rich offer of drinks and top-class barbecue meals.

If you decide to visit Sutivan in July, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Festival of extreme sports „Vanka regule“ – football and „bocce“ (bowling) tournaments.

Big ones and small ones, old ones and young ones, active holiday lovers, beach lovers and all those who want to enjoy the beautiful environment, come to Sutivan and discover the beauties and attractions of this interesting place.

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