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Sljeme SKI trail - Crveni spust, Sljeme, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 15.9477
  • Latitude 45.899
  • Publicaton date 01. December 2021.


-11o C 79% 1039 hPa

The popular Red Downhill, 975 m long, is located on the steep, northern side of Medvednica. The FIS homologated track, completely arranged for the needs of ski competitions, is a real treat for all skiers.

It is the Red Downhill whose photos have traveled the world. The World Ski Cup race is a real little miracle that amazes the whole ski world with its appearance, organization and great visit. The "Snow Queen" races have become a tradition and an indispensable stop on the FIS calendar of the World Ski Cup. The red descent is equipped with an artificial snow system and lighting for night skiing. Skiers are transported by chairlift, a popular sofa.

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