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Senj center, waterfront, Senj, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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The famous monument "3 sailors" is set in the most beautiful place on the waterfront (length 45, width 12 meters). One sailor holds the rudder firmly, another shields his forehead from the sun and a third points to the open sea. From here there is a view to the Coast of Dr. Franjo Tuđman, Bela waterfront and the breakwater of Sv. Ambrosia, ie the Hungarian waterfront, and then to the promenade and the beach. The popular monument "3 sailors" has always been a gathering place which has been moved closer to the sea, enriched by flowers and benches for rest.

The coast with 5 Senj waterfronts is a favorite promenade of Senj and visitors to the city and is part of the center of the old town. With the renovation and remediation of the coast and the waterfront through recent past years, significant funds and efforts have been invested to restore the old splendor of the Port of Senj, which has the status of a protected cultural monument and was built in 1825. Electricity and water have been brought to the waterfront so that tourist boats can be supplied, and in addition to this infrastructure, various tourist events can be held on the waterfront.

In the distance you can see the newer residential settlements Kozjak and Mundarićevac, and the view extends into the distance towards Crikvenica and Rijeka.

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